2017 Vendor Info

Full Contract

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send via snail mail to SATV 6128 rt.89 Romulus 14541


fill out a provided copy on site  by appointment)


Shops at Traders Village (SATV) Vendor Agreement

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Contact Information

Owner’s Name or Business Name


Cell Number

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Food Product

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Explanation (for Artisan or Other)

Products that you would like to sell at SATV:

Are these products grown and/or produced by you?

Please include a brief vendor profile for use on the SATV website and in promotional materials. We

will use your contact information, a short biography, and a photo, if supplied.

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Vendor Agreement

A little something about The Shops at Traders Village:

We are located at 6128 State Route 89, Romulus, NY 14541. SATV operates both inside and outside weather permitting. SATV is dedicated to promoting local farmers and artisans who demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices. It aims to foster a natural relationship between farmer/local artisan and the community by providing a gathering place where the community can purchase goods directly from local businesses. Additionally, consumers can speak personally to the producer in an atmosphere that is mutually beneficial, enriches cultural standards, supports regional economics and protects ecological integrity. All vendor practices will be shared openly.

The SATV Manager: Mary Joslyn: Phone and Text (315) 310-0536

or by email Shopsattradersvillage@gmail.com

The Shops at Traders Village will be open EVERY Saturday from 10 am till 5:00 during season schedule.

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Shops at Traders Village (SATV)

Vendor Agreement


SATV vendors are expected to be present every scheduled Saturday, regardless of weather conditions. For those extraordinary circumstances, vendors will provide at least 24-hour notice if they are unable to attend.

The market will be open rain or shine not withstanding extreme weather events. This will be at the discretion of the SATV manager.

Spaces will be assigned by the SATV manager.

Outdoor vendors will be on the porch if available or need to provide their own tent.

Vendors are required to declare if they will be selling processed food items at the time of application. SATV accepts processed food items at the discretion of the management.

All produce must be grown locally and sold directly by the grower or by a representative of the grower as approved by the SATV manager.

Vendors must get approval from the SATV manager prior to offering/selling any new product not previously specified in the Vendor Agreement.

All prices must be posted on some type of signage or display that is readily visible to the customer.

A USDA approved scale should be used in the sale of products sold by weight. If the USDA scales not used the seller is encouraged to sell by the item, bunch, number, or volume.

All vendors shall be fully and solely responsible for guaranteeing customer satisfaction (inclusive of resale products).

Subletting is NOT permitted without prior written permission from the management.

Booths must be set-up and ready for business 15 minutes prior to SATV opening time.

Parking is provided by SATV in a designated area.

Vendors are responsible for all trash removal and tidying up associated with their allotted retail space after each day of SATV attendance. All trash will be taken away by the vendor.

Vendors must abide by all applicable federal, state, and local health regulations in the harvest, preparation, labeling, and overall safety of the products offered at SATV.

Vendors must comply with all state and local health regulations. A copy of your Health Department certificate/permit must be supplied as required by the State of New York.

 Initial Here:

Shops at Traders Village (SATV)

Vendor Agreement

All vendors must abide by the New York State laws for the sale of products at community farmer’s markets.

All vendors must carry and submit proof of liability insurance to the SATV Manager prior to selling at SATV. This is a rider to your farm or business policy and must include a “hold harmless” clause.

Please provide a copy of liability insurance certificate naming the Shops at Traders Village as additional insured.

– OR –

By signing below, the Vendor agrees to forever hold SATV, its employees or agents, harmless from and indemnify them against any and all costs, expenses, damages, claims, demands, and actions of any kind or nature whatsoever, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the Vendor’s operations or performance. Any insurance or loses of any kind, due to theft, building damage, fire etc., is the responsibility of the vendor.

Admission, Suspension, and Termination:

In signing this agreement, the Vendor acknowledges that admission to the Shops at Traders

Village is made at the total discretion of the SATV Manager. Any misconduct or violation of this agreement may result in suspension or termination from the Shops at Traders Village at the sole and final decision of the Shops at Traders Village Manager with loss of all money deposits.

Vendor Signature X__________________________________________

Date X_________________________


Shops at Traders Village (SATV)

Vendor Agreement

Indoor space:

Please indicate if you will be committing to the entire season: Yes _____   No________

Payment Included? Yes_____________   No_____________

Without commitment, indoor spaces are “as available”.

*** Non-Contract rates are subject to additional festival/event day fees ***

See calendar for festival/event days

*** Contract rates are fixed for the season and are not affected by festivals/events ***

Outside – Porch and Tent space is available upon request and food vending is handled case-by-case. Call for special event rates. Schedule will be posted on web site. Contact SATV Manager for additional information.

Initial Here:

Shops at Traders Village (SATV)

Vendor Agreement

***Contracts are Not Binding until approved & signed by SATV management

Please email completed Vendor Agreement to:Shopsattradersvillage@gmail.com

Or mail to:

Shops at Traders Village

6128 State Rte 89

Romulus, NY 14541

Initial Here: X______

Vendor Signature__________________________________________________


Vendor Name_____________________________________________________

(please print clearly)

I have read and agree to abide by the SATV guidelines. _________

I have included a copy of my Certificate of Insurance as listed above or signed the release. ________

I have included copies of my Health Department Certificate – if applicable. _________

Please initial:

Special Event/Festival Dates will be posted on our web site with updates

Shops at Traders Village Rep ____________________ Date____________________    


6128 RTE 89 ROMULUS NY 14541

Shops at Traders Village 2017 Season Vending Information

May 27th to September 2nd totaling 15 SATURDAYS ONLY.

HOURS 10-4:30

Indoor Spaces- Set up and stay for the season. Leave your set-up.

Sign on for the season at $25/week with one payment of $375 for the season. Spaces are 10X10. Until we are full, extra or “grace” spaces are space A at the discretion of the management.

Payment in full due by April 1st.

A $100 deposit (due a.s.a.p.) will hold your space(s). The balance of $275 is due by April 1st. If we do not reach the required number of start-up vendors by April 1, your deposit will be refunded.

 We have a goal of at least 20 paid committed spaces in order to open. Your help recruiting to fill these spaces is greatly appreciated.

Co-Vending- Share a booth or rent side by side and share booth management.

Shops will not manage your booth or your sales or handle your money.

Someone must be managing your booth at all times. Unattended booth renters will be asked to leave.

However, neighboring vendors may co-vend and be responsible for each other’s booth at vendor’s discretion and manager’s approval. Add co- vendor’s name here ___________________

It is up to vendors to make these arrangements at vendors’ own risk.

OUTDOOR SPACES 10X10 Spaces/ Priced weekly from $25-$35 depending on events.

New vendors must be approved by a jury. Please email photos of crafts, products, and displays with inquiries. (Please learn more about us at Shopsattradersvillage.com Be sure to watch the aerial video of the property!)

Do not send signed contracts or checks without prior discussion and approval of products/crafts etc.

Vendors will be required to collect emails in their booths for email marketing.

Vendors will be responsible for sharing stacks of handbills, rack cards, flyers, etc. at strategic locations to help spread the word and increase traffic.  Shops will provide materials, but also will encourage vendors who are tech savvy to have websites, business cards, social media engagement, etc. Management is happy to train any vendor in simple marketing that is low/no cost.

If vendors wish to see traffic increase and would like to see the Shops listed on various tourist maps, publications, magazine ads, radio, television, etc, we will come together and decide which ones, how much, etc. and pitch it to make it happen. The insanely low cost rent does not include advertising. But today’s most effective advertising is social media, which is mostly free!

Vendors will receive $50 for every new vendor they bring who pays for the season (or the remainder of the season, if there are 8 weeks or more remaining).


Rte 89 Yard Sale July 22
Boathouse Beer Garden Events that fall on Saturdays between May 27th and September 2nd (See calendar tab for more info)

We have no other events planned for 2017. Event planning takes a huge amount of time, effort, organizing, and outreach. Not to mention advertising. We will work with the Boathouse Events calendar or coordinate any events with them. There is also the possibility of hosting an event or two in the fall. Nothing is solid at this time. However, without the planning of events, we can focus on recruiting vendors and traffic, increasing our size and numbers.

Please send inquires and questions to: Shopsattradersvillage@gmail.com

Checks payable to: Finger Lakes Vintage

Mail to: Shops at Traders Village

            6128 Rte 89

            Romulus, NY 14541

Check one

___Deposit (NON REFUNDABLE) ($100)

___Total (NON REFUNDABLE) Rent 2017 Season ($375)
​*** (if by April 1st, otherwise $450 or at a rate of $30/week for remaining season, to be paid in full at time of contract.)

NO REFUNDS will be given on monies for deposits or rent unless we do not meet required vendor numbers to open. Otherwise, all and any rent or deposit payments are non refundable. 

Signature of Vendor ______________________________________

Mailing Address of Vendor _________________________________                                      __________________________________

Date ________________________

Product __________________________________

Please make a copy for your records.  Receipt to be mailed to you. Thank you! Looking forward to a great new season ahead!